Wednesday, March 4, 2009

People are idiots.

Obviously you might see a pattern forming here. I tend to write about people being idiots a lot, because a lot of the time, people are idiots. To cut a long story (in which I cut my finger open) short, I was working in the busy store last night because I was covering for some dick who just straight up didn't come in to work. Idiot #1 right there. We close to the public at 8pm and have 2 hours to get the store clean, because we've only got 2 people working, and the store is heeeewwwwjjjj. We put the shutters down when everybody leaves, which was about 8.10ish. We leave the shutters open a tiny tiny bit so we can actually get out of the shop when we're done, and then close them from the outside then. So they're like 2ft off the ground at this stage. Grand. You might have the odd dog come in and fuck your shit up every once in a while, but then again, you might not. So at about 9pm I'm in the back cleaning all the equipment for the next day when some wrecked bitch scares the fucking shit out of me by just appearing beside me and asking if she can get a coffee to go. Now keep in mind that I'm in the back of house, and the shutters are down. She saw that the shutters were down and decided to (as good as) crawl under them and then COME AND FUCKING FIND ME IN THE BACK OF THE SHOP. I just looked at her and let out that shrill "NNNOOOOOO!" thing that people do when they don't want to shout, but want to use emphasis. She looked at me, puzzled, as if I was the bad guy for not letting her get a coffee an hour after we closed, and then goes "Why not, are your tills closed or something?". I didn't know what to do, so I did nothing. She left soon after I gave up on her. Idiot #2 right there. But what a fucking creep, to be fair. I don't know what sort of jam people are putting on their bread.

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