Monday, November 24, 2008

I did a 12 hour shift today...

...and now I feel like dying. I woke up at 6am today to get showered and changed and get to the dart station so I could get to the other dart station so I get my bus to the bus stop outside the Pavilions and go to work. I woke my mam up when I was going downstairs to get breakfast so she decided to give me a lift to Sutton station, which got rid of waiting around for the dart. Thanks mam. I was working in the Hughes and Hughes store from 8 - 12 and I had to do pretty much the whole opening myself because my supervisor was late, so she literally only got in in time to get the tills sorted and run start of day etc. So I did all the important stuff. I felt class.

At 12 I had to go down to Swords Pavilions v2.0 and work until 5, but some new lad (WHO NEVER FUCKING RINSES THE JUGS WHEN HE'S DONE WITH THEM, BY THE WAY) started begging and pissing and moaning at me to cover his shift which was ending at 8pm, because he had to go TO HIS OLD JOBS CHRISTMAS PARTY. WHAT THE FUCK. And I said yes. WHAT THE FUCK. I really am too nice. So i only got a poxy 15 minute break, a half hour one later on, and then only another 15. I def thought I deserved a second half hour break what with how much I busted my nut for them today.

There wasn't that many fresh douches in today, and the minor ones that did come in didn't phase me at all because I was feeling so invincible from my one person opening skillz, and I was tote stoked on working with Rodolfo again, because he's got the best voice ever. He's from Italy, he's 29, and he says all the most nonsensical things in the best way possible, such as:
"Would you like some teabags in your teabags?"
"You want some fruit bread with the butter?"
"We don't have the hot chocolate but we can give you the hot chocolate instead."
"That's what I like about this job you know man..." (And then launch into 5 minutes worth of mumbling and words that don't make any sense together)
"Ah man she's so sexy man!" (When said customer had literally JUST walked away after getting her drink, but still completely in earshot)
"What I like about Italy is that there's no rules man, because when my auntie first went to Naples, she saw a man shit in the street."

Pretty much everything that lad says to me blows my fucking mind.
But I'm as fucking tired as an arse after a healthy dose of the scuts.


Babyccino's are gas. Essentially they're just small cups of steamed milk, but they're not too hot or anything because usually they're given to babies/toddlers. The name though, fuck. HOW GOOD IS THAT?! I was working in Malahide over the weekend and I had the pleasure of working with Big Fago, Chris' older brother. We were having a discussion about how we've pretty much always only been on bar when a babyccino was ordered, and had never been on till for it, so it'd be a super rare occassion to sell a babyccino. Anyway, about 20 minutes after that, Steve was on till and someone ordered a babycinno! Steve just looked at me, grinned a little,and shouted "BABYCCINO!" and then we high-5'd and it was actually the best thing ever. Then it happened again the next day we were working with each other and now it's become a sort of game, I think. I was working in Swords today and Rodolfo sold a babyccino so I had to high-5 him. Savage.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

I really like washing up these days

It's a really nice getaway from the dickhead customers and just general business (as in it being busy, not a company type business) of the store, and I'm really fast at it so I get to spend loads of time just arsing around in the back. The new stores sanitizer isn't as big or powerful as the one in Malahide that made me hate washing up, so the mugs and plates don't come out that hot anymore which is sweet. I also found this:


I don't know how the fuck that actually happened and went unnoticed, but it ruled so I took it home. I also spent pretty much most of my day looking for other mugs like that. None. And if you don't believe me about the logo being backwards, just look at the posters behind it. It's not a mirrored image, someone just fucked up. I've been in a great mood pretty much non stop since I've found it, too! Suck it, customers.