Monday, August 11, 2008

I've been away for a bit

But now I've got some more stuff to complain about. Let's go.

The commute from Raheny to Swords.
This is slowly killing me. Between having to plan every journey an hour and a half ahead, missing darts, the 102 driver leaving before he's meant to (he's meant to wait a few minutes to allow people to get from the other side of the platform at the dart station to the bus until he can leave), the waiting around in the pissing rain, getting torched when it's sunny from wearing all black work clothes, and the journey itself, I'm starting to develop a nervous twitch every time public transport is mentioned. It's like being married to someone you hate and not being able to pull off having an affair. I can't afford a car, and even if I could, these new road laws would have me fucked. I don't care if that doesn't make sense.

New dickheads.
One dude came in one day when I was on the till and just pointed at the pastry case saying "I'll have that to go." Not even a please. As a rule of thumb, whenever someone points at the pastry case asking for something, I'll explain that I can't see what they're pointing at, as there's too many shelves and plates to cover up where their arms are actually pointing to. That's why we have little signs on the plates so customers know what they're called and can ask for them. Simple. So why does some cunt think he can just point and say he wants it? Without even being nice about it? Because he's a cunt. It usually never annoys me when people do it because more often than not, they just don't know. But this dude was a jerk. So I said straight off "Sir, I can't see what you're pointing at" without even looking at the pastry case to see if I could. And then he got even more pissy and agitated that I didn't even make the effort. But I didn't make the effort because he's a cunt. Anyway he goes "Well, it's a very berry swirl, if that helps you out at all" in a real condescending tone, so I took it out of the pastry case with my hands instead of the metal tongs and mauled it as I put it in his take away bag. Victory.
Another bitch came in complaining about us not having newspapers. I told her it was because we haven't had any shops come in to us offering them for free, and it's not worth buying our own when we don't know how many people would read them. She told me that "that's very shite". I said ok. But sure it'd probably just be cheap bitches like her that aren't willing to buy newspapers themselves that would read them, and I'm def not up the idea of having them spend more time than they need to in my shop. Eff that.
A good few people have complained about us not selling coke or any of those fizzy drinks. Most of them need to lay off them anyway, the fat pricks.
This lad came in with a bit of a whopper bird and lost his nut over us not being able to serve him some frappucino. Like proper shouted "Fuck sake!". I just looked at him and said "yeah, cool" while his bird tore him a bit of new one for losing the rag over a drink. Victory.

Oh, and also
I spent €30 on a taxi to work the other day because the floods fucked the dart service up and it was the only way I could get out. They didn't pay me back. Cunts.

More soon.